Isotretinoin Alcohol

Isotretinoin is a potent drug used to treat various types of cancer and serious skin diseases. Earlier, it was a drug used for treatment of pancreatic cancer and brain cancer. The drug Isotretinoin has a great capacity to kill the fast dividing cells which is a trait of cancerous cells. Isotretinoin belonging to class of drugs called retinoid (derived from Vitamin A) is also used against some deadly skin diseases

One of the common uses of this drug is in the treatment of acne. The drug being derived from Vitamin A, acts by changing the DNA signature. Cells that are sloughed off into subeceous glands become less sticky and blackhead and whiteheads are reduced due to the effect of the drug. Also the drug diminishes the bacteria in the subaceous gland and the surface of the skin.

It is to be remembered that the Isotretinoin is used for the treatment of acne only when other treatments have failed to act. For example when nodular acne does not respond to antibiotics then this drug is tried. It is also prescribed for lupus, lichen planus and psoriasis. Even in these cases Isotretinoin is used as a last resort when other treatments have failed.

Isotretinoin and alcohol ?
Since Isotretinoin treatment for acne is prescribed for spreading over few months, one must be aware of the side effects of this drug and whether one can take alcohol during the treatment. There are many severe side effects of the drug Isotretinoin and most of them are present as long as you take the medication. But the side effects depend on the dosage and the duration of the treatment.

While one is having treatment with Isotretinoin, alcohol must be avoided as the combination can have dangerous effects. First of all the drug can make an individual dizzy and drowsy and these effects are magnified when alcohol is consumed. For those on Isotretinoin, alcohol will have heightened intoxication and the hangovers are worse than normal.

When Isotretinoin is prescribed it is advised to take the blood test to know the lever condition and also during the treatment as it can potentially harm the lever. The drug will put lot of strain on the lever and some dermatologists advise strict abstinence from alcohol during the regimen. The reason is that the alcohol can also harm the lever and the combined effect of Isotretinoin alcohol can be potentially harmful.